Monday, July 11, 2016

Figure Drawing 7/9 to 7/10 weekend

Below are some of my drawings from a figure drawing session on the weekend of July 9 and July 10. It was wonderful to drawing from the figure again and to drawing on a large scale again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Singapore Feb 2016

Here are some drawings I made while in Singapore.

This is Singapore on the night we arrived.

This is a cafe called Real Food in the basement of a food court that quickly became our "home base".

Next day, we went to a Filipino barbeque at an American ex-pat's place.  It was lovely.

Apparently, there was a domestic servant locked out on the balcony while the family that he worked for went on vacation. When he tried to escape by climbing down, the neighbor saw him and called the police.  As the escapee was stuck on the balcony for a very long time, it is a very sad story.

The above are more images from "Real Food" our home base.  Nina told me a ghost story about how she stayed at one hotel and a ghost visited her and tried to enter her body.  

Here was a Hindu temple drawn on a very cloudy, hot/humid day.  

Next day was spent at Arab Street.

Chinatown station had a nice building overlooking the street with the metro station.  There were beautiful azaleas, and it was temperate under the awning, especially in the morning.

Both of the images above are from Little India.  The colors were amazing.

Here was an old colonial British church, drawn from the National Library.  I drew with someone from the Urban Sketchers there, a lovely man, Tony.

Here is a drawing of Bamboo at the Botanical Gardens.  It was very lush. 

This is from the Orchid section of the Botanical Gardens.

Last sunrise in Singapore.  Good bye. I will miss you.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Plimoth Plantation Reportage

Here is my Plimoth Plantation (also known as Plymouth) reportage....

Here are the pilgrims...

Here are the American Indians or Native Americans ...

Mayflower Reportage

Here are my reportage images of the Mayflower...